the cromwell estate

Dying to Escape?

Escape Room


the cromwell estate and escape room era presents a Fang-tastic pop-up collaboration! We have 2 versions of the same spooktacular game. so grab the kids and crack the case of the missing candy or  your guys and ghouls and try not to get lost in the scarecrow's shadow


case of the missing candy

you come across a farmer with quite a predicament! his scarecrow has hidden all his candy...again! this year he locked it up and wrote the combination on his prized apples. well, the cunning scarecrow hid those too! find the farmer's apples and help save halloween! 


scarecrow's shadow


strange things have been happening around this farm. the shadow of the scarecrow has fallen across this land. it is up to you and your new mystic companion to lift the curse and banish it into eternity.


how long do i have?
-each game is 45 minutes

how much is it?
-each showing is 100.00 and fits 2-5 people
*The price is the price of the room not per person. you will not be paired with strangers

will i be paired with strangers?
this experience is private and you will not be paired with strangers.

are there age restrictions?
-the case of the missing candy is fun for all ages! children 2 or younger will not be charged admission
-the scarecrows shadow is an experience for participants 13 and up. a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.

what's the difference between the 2 rooms?
-although, most of the puzzles in each version are similar, the scarecrows shadow has a darker theme more suitable for participants 13+

are there strobe lights, lasers, or fog?
-there are no strobe lights or lasers but this experience involves fog and dim lighting. please keep this in mind before participating

what is the level of difficulty?
both versions of this room are great for beginners

is there a place to put my belongings?
absolutely, since no cell phones will be permitted we have a container that will stay with you in the room

what if i want to do the case of the missing candy or scarecrow's shadow outside of the designated show times?

-we can try our best to accommodate your request. please contact us at least 24 hours in advance for arrangements at:

what if i'm late or can not make it at all
-there are no refunds or cancellations for this experience. you may transfer your reservation to another person to fill your spot. you must arrive 10 minutes before your reserved time or you will not be admitted. 

will i be admitted if i am under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
where is it located?
-we are at 3365 E. Miraloma ave. 
 Anaheim, CA 92806 suite # 208